We are developing German GCSE listening practice for both Foundation and Higher Level GCSE, written by Alan O’Brien, co-author of “Auf Deutsch!” Books 1 & 2. The series will consist of professionally recorded tapes or CDs and worksheets, together with lesson plans for instructors.

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Our materials are designed to ensure candidates’ success

  • Texts and questions are on a par with authentic examinations
  • Confidence, skill and knowledge are built by tasks of
    incremental difficulty
  • Texts and tasks are differentiated by grade, as in GCSE
  • Relevant follow-up tasks are included, with grammar practice
    where appropriate

Teachers will have the advantage of downloading worksheets from the web.

  • Worksheets can be downloaded as needed and printed off
  • Worksheets can be printed for OHT use, and students can
    work in their exercise books and view answers quickly
    using answer sheets
  • Teachers can use worksheets as computer
  • Teachers can e-mail feedback to improve worksheets,
    and references can be changed instantly to keep
    materials contemporary

Download a copy of Alan’s presentation “Listening in the dark: developing listening skills for GCSE” from the Language World Conference at the University of Oxford, April 2, 2004.